How to Save Money with AVM Aussie Skin® 550G

AVM Aussie Skin 550G

From groundwater to precipitation and vapor, water in any form can wreak havoc on your building envelope. In fact, water is often the single most damaging element to buildings, making waterproofing a critical component of virtually every project. Fortunately, using the right waterproofing system at the outset can help you save time and money, and ensure your building stays watertight for years to come.

That’s why we recommend AVM Aussie Skin® 550G.

What is AVM Aussie Skin® 550G?

Aussie Skin® 550G is a heavy-duty HDPE below grade, blindside, under-slab waterproofing membrane that eliminates potential water migration between itself and the concrete surface to which it’s bonded.

AVM Aussie Skin 550G being installed

It can be used horizontally or vertically for:

  • Foundations

  • Tunnels

  • Retaining walls

  • Basements

  • Under-slabs

  • Mud-slabs

  • Water table

A waterproofing membrane designed with you in mind

Aussie Skin® was born out of a desire to deliver an all-around better waterproofing membrane. Using a customer-first approach, AVM set out to engineer a waterproofing solution that specifically addressed the most common challenges and limitations that applicators faced with other membranes in the market.

To that end, Aussie Skin® 550G was meticulously designed to provide:

  • Superior durability – Granular, slip-resistant mineral layer provides superior protection against welding, abrasion, construction traffic, and general construction conditions

  • Easier installation – Liquid flashing makes it easier to detail penetrations

  • Multiple detailing options – Allows greater flexibility, which helps your jobs stay on schedule

  • Thicker membrane (75 mils)

  • Better visual inspection – Aussie Skin's gray trafficable surface makes it easier to inspect with its Damage Detect™ Technology

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Solutions – Also available in thicker options with methane and radon ratings for Brownfield redevelopment sites and heavily contaminated projects, and approved by the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation

Plus, it offers several cost-saving advantages.

AVM Aussie Skin 550G installed vertically on job site

1. It costs about 25% less than the leading competitor.

In the NYC market, under-slab waterproofing membranes cost around $4/sq ft – and that does not include expensive accessory products. AVM’s NYC market pricing is less than $3/sq ft.

The best part? With AVM you can save money without compromising on quality or performance, which means you can build with confidence.

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how Aussie Skin® meets or exceeds all testing requirements.

2. It can help to minimize labor costs.

Two construction workers installing AVM Aussie Skin 550G

All below-grade waterproofing systems require tape to ensure a watertight seal along seams and penetrations, but with tape-heavy systems, installation can be labor-intensive and time-consuming due to the amount of taping required.

With AVM you’ll use less tape because Aussie Skin® 550G does not require taping of factory laps, unlike some competitors’ systems.

It also has 30% fewer seams, so you can install the product faster while minimizing the potential for leaks.

A faster installation means you can minimize delays and save on added labor costs.

Added bonus: AVM Aussie Seal® M, a Marine Grade, liquid sealant accessory item compatible with 550G, eliminates the need for tape around penetrations altogether, helping to further expedite installation.

3. It may help you avoid costly remediation efforts.

It’s always cheaper to do something right the first time, especially waterproofing. Leak remediation gets expensive quickly and often far exceeds the initial waterproofing cost, which is why you need a reliable system from the start.

AVM delivers high-performing, time-tested solutions you can trust. Plus, with AVM you not only get great products and solutions, you also receive unparalleled service and hands-on support from a dedicated team of experts who help to ensure that your jobs go smoothly from start to finish.

4. It's backed by the best warranty for the best value.

AVM’s confidence in the high quality of design, engineering, production, and product performance is limitless. That’s why Aussie Skin® 550G is backed by the Aussie Guard® Quality Assurance Program.

While most manufacturers offer material warranties, they typically only cover leaks and are nearly impossible to honor because you cannot inspect a blindside membrane. As a result, owners are often left to pay out-of-pocket for leak remediation.

AVM offers a No Dollar Limit warranty with zero warranty fees.

They simply require examination by a third-party inspector, which most jobs already have.

Ready to give Aussie Skin® 550G a try?